Development Begins in Earnest

A little later than scheduled, I’m all set up to start development on RDFIO.  The main reasons for delay are that I have needed to spend more time than expected doing research and troubleshooting development environments.  There’s certainly been a lot to learn, and it’s easy to underestimate how long it takes to find and assimilate all the information needed.  However, I’ve revised the schedule and am very keen to get stuck in.

The current version of RDFIO is 1.9.5.  The plan is to produce 2 releases during the project.  This allows for a ‘trial run’ of the main release, while producing output which adds to the software functionality and reliability.

  • 1.9.6 – adding a configuration page for data sources and type-page matching, plus minor refactoring and general code tidy
  • 2.0.0 – implementing template manipulation and optionally shared triple store (time permitting)

The project is using a popular Git branching model, creating a main develop branch from master, plus release and feature branches as needed.  The main development environment is a local LAMP installation on an Ubuntu laptop.  I will be using Vim for general editing, with the PHPStorm IDE for troubleshooting and in-depth analysis.  Changes will be pushed to my copy of RDFIO on GitHub, from where pull requests can be made to the original on Samuel’s repo.

There are a few other environments which I have access to for development and testing purposes.

  • Biowikifarm, where the test environment is part of the development of a Botanical Knowledge portal.  Installing the software in this setup revealed an issue with database permissions, where a user who does not have database administrator permissions is unable to set up the ARC2 data store.  This has been flagged and added to the development schedule.
  • Wikimedia Labs, where I requested to set up a project with a single-instance Wikimedia host.  This gives the opportunity to test performance in an environment more like Wikimedia production servers, in case of the extension being considered for use in Wikimedia projects.
  • A virtual machine which might be used later to give users the chance to try out RDFIO before installing it.  Samuel made a screencast of the installation process for RDFIO and all its dependencies while setting up this machine.