RDFIO 1.9.6 Released

I’ve now completed and released an update to RDFIO, version 1.9.6. Much of the changes here are under-the-hood refactoring and laying the groundwork for features in the full template-handling version to come. The changes visible to the user are:

  • New expanded admin page, now including tables of data sources and templates associated with pages
  • Data source wiki page created for each URL used for importing data (RDF or SPARQL). This will be used later for source management and provenance tracking
  • RDF import page now shows whether import was successful and the imported triples, in the same way as the SPARQL Import page
  • Better indication of whether ARC2 store was successfully set up

Meanwhile on the development Git branch, I’m working on replacing the Wiki Object Model (WOM) extension in order to remove it as a dependency.  This is particularly important as it is no longer actively maintained.  An additional complication is that WOM’s documentation has been removed from the external website where it was hosted, and the extension’s developers have so far been unable to supply a copy.  This  means having to deduce what the extension’s functions and objects do by observing their behaviour through debugging in the IDE!

The new way of extracting facts from the page and templates uses regular expressions to parse the wikitext.  As well as replicating the existing WOM functions, the parsing process gets the names of the templates used within the page, the parameter names used within the template, and then extracts the property-parameter pairings from the wikitext within the template page itself.  I’ve already developed the extracting part, so next is the comparison of properties and categories to the existing page and rewriting the page wikitext.