The End of an Internship

I’ve now come to the end of the internship period with Wikimedia as part of the FOSS OPW scheme.  It’s been an intense three months, during which I’ve learned a lot about software development and about myself – I intend to write more about lessons learned in a future post.  I’ve not quite achieved as much as I hoped to, but I’ve released software, picked up a lot of new skills, and gained a definite enthusiasm for participating in open source projects.

I’ve put out an improved minor release (1.9.6), and the major one is under development, with release planned for early September.   I’d also like to continue work on other enhancements to RDFIO in future – this includes implementing a triple store shared between wikis, possible improvements to the RDF library used, and other changes for improved interoperability.

My internship with Wikimedia through FOSS OPW has been in turns challenging, rewarding, frustrating and enlightening.  It has opened up new career possibilities, taken me to new places (geographical or otherwise), and given me an improved confidence in my abilities.  I’m currently looking at job opportunities in relation to open source, and planning to attend the next SMWCon in Vienna this October.  I’ve also been accepted for AdaCamp Berlin, which takes place the following weekend at the offices of Wikimedia Deutschland.

I’d like to thank the people who has made this possible – the GNOME foundation, Wikimedia, my mentors Samuel Lampa and Joel Sachs, and everyone who contributes to the software which makes the world go round.  I’ll do my best to spread the word, and help more people towards making their first contributions to open source.

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy, productive summer…well done!

    AdaCamp Portland had a wonderful WMF contingent. Guessing AdaCamp Berlin will be similar. Hope you have a wonderful time 🙂

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